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This is an initiative to put to the November 2017 ballot a charter change question that would allow Castle Rock voters to elect the mayor starting with the November 2018.
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Circulator DOs and DON’Ts

Circulator DOs and DON’Ts


Keep the entire packet assembled!

If any page comes off the packet, it is void. Keep a binder clip affixed to the top of the packet to help secure the full packet.

Use blue or black ink.

Keep the packet in your possession while circulating.
For example: if going door-to-door and the person who answered the door wants to take it to someone elsewhere in the house, they cannot unless within your eyesight. Encourage him/her to ask the other potential signers to come to the door to sign otherwise. The affidavit states “…I circulated the said petition, that each signature on the petition was affixed in my presence…”

Check signature block after each person signs and before they leave to correct any errors.
For example, incorrect date, missed a section like address, town, date, or printed name. If there is an error in any section, it is better to cross out the entire line and have the person resign than change and initial.

Present the petition first page so the signer may read the warning and content of the petition.
Signers must read the warning. If the petition is presented to him or her, they have the opportunity to read it.

When circulating door-to-door, track on a printed map so that others do not duplicate your efforts and visit the same house twice.

Return packet directly to a petitioner after the affidavit is notarized. Notarized statement must be signed in presence of notary. Chain of possession from petitioner to circulator to any petitioner must be maintained.


Do not make any alterations to the packet other than allowing people to complete one signature block.
This includes highlighting, underlining, check marks, tick marks, or anything written on it. Any alteration voids the entire packet.

Do not write anything on the affidavit until you are in the presence of a notary. If you do not know a notary, both Wells Fargo Banks in town have a notary who will do so for free.
The notary is notarizing your completion of the form, so it must be done in his or presense after you fill the packet and before its return to a petitioner.

Do not sign your own packet. Sign someone else’s packet.
You could sign the packet from the petitioner from whom you receive your packet or one of the other petitioners or circulators.

Do not give your packet to another person to circulate even if for a single signature.
Your packet must remain in your possession since you will be the affidavit signer. The affidavit states: “…each signature on the petition was affixed in my presence…”

Do not allow anyone to sign a name different than his or her own. They may, however, complete any or all of the other information, just not the actual signature.
The affidavit states: “…each signature on the petition is the signature of the person whose name it purports to be…”

Do not pay or offer to pay anyone to sign the petition.
The affidavit states “… I  neither paid nor shall in the future pay and that I believe that no other person has so paid or shall pay, directly or indirectly, any money or other thing of value to any signer for the purpose of inducing or causing such signer to sign such petition.”


Keep it short and sweet.

When circulating in a public place, ask if the person lives in Castle Rock and is registered to vote. If they answer yes to both, ask “Would you like to be able to vote for mayor in 2018?” then present the petition for them to read. Once they agree to sign, stop selling it. You can only talk them out of signing once they agree to sign. Allow a photo of the petition but not petitioner addresses.

If you are standing in front of a public place like the grocery store or post office, try getting their attention before they go inside. If they do not sign immediately, they may go inside, complete their business and think about it, and come back out to sign.

If someone starts asking a bunch of questions, direct him or her to the website castlerockcitizensforelectedmayor.com for more information to end the conversation. (This card is on its way and should arrive early next week. Each circulator will receive a bunch to hand out.) While you are taking a bunch of time with that one person, you may be missing others.

Need Help?

Do not hesitate to contact Stacey or George for any circulator questions, concerns, or issues:

Stacey Rogers 703.626.7813 staceylorrainerogers@gmail.com or
George Teal 303.819.5936 george@tealcr.com