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This is an initiative to put to the November 2017 ballot a charter change question that would allow Castle Rock voters to elect the mayor starting with the November 2018.
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Press Release: March 9, 2017

Press Release: March 9, 2017

Contact:  Wayne Harlos
Cell:  303-229-3435
Email:  CRcitizensforelectdmayor@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CastleRockCitizensforElectedMayor/


CASTLE ROCK, Colorado (March 9, 2017): At the March 7, 2017 council meeting, Castle Rock’s Town Council refused to address citizen concerns regarding the need for an elected mayor – thereby allowing the issue to go to a charter-approved initiative process.

“We have town business that we need to be attending to,” said Castle Rock Mayor Pro-tem Renee Valentine. “This, to me, is just not on my radar.”

Despite an impassioned request from Councilmember Jess Loban to refer the question to town staff for review and potential action, fellow members James Townsend, Valentine, and Mayor Jen Green refused to review current protocols.

“I want to make sure that those folks who have honored me with their support – so that I can be here – that they have the ability to put their input in; wherever they want.” said Councilmember Jess Loban. “I want as much transparency as possible.”

Councilmembers Jason Bower and George Teal joined Loban in making the request of staff. Councilmember Brett Ford was not present.

By refusing to refer the question to town staff, the Castle Rock Town Council welcomed a citizen-led initiative for a ballot question on the November 2017 ballot.

According to state statutes and the town’s charter, the next step for the committee is to submit a ‘statement of intent’ to circulate a petition.  Once language of the petition is approved by the town’s clerk, the committee will have 90 days to gather signatures from 10 percent of the registered electors of Castle Rock.

“We are thrilled, and looking forward to taking our case directly to the voters of Castle Rock,” said Wayne Harlos, Chairman of Citizens for Elected Mayor. “Though we welcomed the idea of town staff managing the process of moving our form of government into the 21st century, keeping the bureaucrats – and entrenched special interests – out of it is probably ideal.”

To volunteer for the effort – including signature collection – residents are asked to contact CRcitizensforelectdmayor@gmail.com