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This is an initiative to put to the November 2017 ballot a charter change question that would allow Castle Rock voters to elect the mayor starting with the November 2018.
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Press Release: February 23, 2017

Press Release: February 23, 2017

Contact: Wayne Harlos
Cell: 303-229-3435
Email: CRcitizensforelectdmayor@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CastleRockCitizensforElectedMayor/


CASTLE ROCK, Colorado (February 23, 2017): A group of concerned citizens announced today they have begun the process of a charter change initiative petition to allow citizens of Castle Rock to elect the mayor.

The town of Castle Rock became a home-rule municipality in 1987 with the mayor being appointed by fellow town council members without any public input, rather than the traditional process of popular election. A five-member committee has been formed to change that and draft language for the necessary charter change is already in the works.

“It’s time for the citizens of Castle Rock to have a say in who they want to become their mayor,” said Wayne Harlos, Chairman of Citizens for Elected Mayor. “Currently, the mayor only needs the support of three people plus him/herself (a majority of the seven councilmembers) in order to be appointed. The majority of Cities/Towns in Colorado have adopted an at-large mayoral system where the citizens elect their own mayor; we believe the citizens of Castle Rock should have that same opportunity.”

The outdated process of a town council appointing the mayor from within is seen as exclusionary and non-representative by many. It also means Castle Rock’s mayor serves, concurrently, as a council member.

“This is about trusting voters,” said Jess Loban, Castle Rock Councilmember. “We trust our residents to vote for their councilmembers, their county commissioners, state representatives on-up. But we don’t think they have the judgment to decide who should be our mayor? That’s absurd.”

The town used to elect its mayor. But that was before the community became chartered in 1987 and a town of fewer than 8,700 residents.

“It made sense when we were a council of seven and a town of 9,000 residents. But we are on track to be a town of over 100,000 within 10 years… I promise you, those 100,000 residents will deserve direct representation. Heck, they deserve direct representation now”, said Teal, fellow committee member and Councilmember.

About the “Citizens for Elected Mayor” Committee:
The committee is a group of five community leaders who are petitioners on a charter question to be put forward to voters on the November 2017 ballot.

Voters will then be asked to decide if they want to have an elected mayor – thereby changing the town charter – with an actual election of mayor then occurring on the November 2018 ballot.

For the charter change question to be on the ballot, petitioners must first collect signatures from 10 percent of Castle Rock registered voters unless council votes at the March 7, 2017 meeting to do so. Circulation of the petition is due to start next month.

Committee members: Wayne Harlos, Stacey Rogers, Mary Wilson, and George Teal

To volunteer for the effort–including signature collection–residents are asked to contact CRcitizensforelectdmayor@gmail.com