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This is an initiative to put to the November 2017 ballot a charter change question that would allow Castle Rock voters to elect the mayor starting with the November 2018.
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Get The Facts

Get The Facts

With so much information–and misinformation–going around, it is important to have the facts on this issue!



 Allows residents to directly elect their Mayor

 Maintains our Town Manager form of Town Council (Council-Manager)

Maintains our Weak Mayor form of Town Council (vs. Strong Mayor)

 Maintains the same amount of total seats on Town Council (7)

 Increases direct representation to the residents of our town

 Allows the Mayor to be accountable to the whole town – not just the district he or she lives in

 Allows for an open and transparent election

 Doesn’t add any staff or additional bureaucracy to Town Government

Doesn’t grow government

Doesn’t add to the cost of elections