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This is an initiative to put to the November 2017 ballot a charter change question that would allow Castle Rock voters to elect the mayor starting with the November 2018.
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Petition Launch

Petition Launch

What an exciting time this is as we gear up to announce our campaign. Like you, we are chomping at the bit to begin.

Let’s take a moment to recognize our Committee Petitioners, without whom none of this would be possible: Wayne Harlos, Randy Reed, Stacey Rogers, George Teal and Mary Wilson. These folks started the groundwork of this effort back in January.  And after countless hours of outreach, research, and the drafting/re-drafting of official legal language, the pay-off is finally here.

Roger Hudson will be serving as a consultant assisting in messaging, press, communications and fundraising who will help make sure everyone in Castle Rock will be excited by the opportunity to choose their mayor and join us in this important effort.  Adam Johnson is the other consultant with whom the committee will be working. Adam’s experience is in political campaigning in Colorado and, specifically, right here in Douglas County. He’s a master at grassroots organizing and compliance, and legalities while also keeping a lot of people out of trouble.

Welcome and thank you for agreeing to be a part of an amazing and uniting effort to the citizens of Castle Rock more choice in our elections and a voice in who leads our town! It’s an idea whose time is long overdue.

Even before the official announcement of this effort on Monday, April 17, a lot has been accomplished:

  • the town has approved our petition language
  • we’ve built-out a website where folks can learn more about the effort, volunteer or donate to the cause
  • campaign bank accounts have been opened and we’ve already accepted donations
  • social media accounts are ready to go live
  • fundraising events are already planned
  • press releases are ready to go

The great news is that we’ve got almost 90 days to collect less than 5,000 signatures.  And we’re going do it!

Finally, be excited!  We are going to make a huge positive impact on the future of Castle Rock. By giving voters the power to elect their mayor, they gain a strategic planner, community lobbyist, an advocate and more accountability in our city government.